The 6 Prettiest Phone Cases to Beautify Your Tech

Who says protection and pretty design can’t come together? Whether you rock an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or another Android, your phone is your lifeline. Of course you want to take care of it.

It can be tricky, however, to find a pretty phone case that matches your style and keeps your precious tech safe. There are countless options when it comes to pretty phone cases—how can you find one that suits your budget, needs, and preferences?

We’ve researched and reviewed the most reputable brands on the market and narrowed it down to the top six prettiest phone case companies. From gorgeous prints to eye-catching glitter and more, we couldn’t keep our eyes off these pretty phone cases. 

And we are willing to bet if you deck your phone with any of these options, you’ll turn heads, too.

6. Casely

Casely is based in Brooklyn, New York, where their products are also designed. The company’s chic tech accessories often feature designs by artists from around the world. 

While Casely’s many products are available for individual sale, they also offer a phone case subscription club through which members enjoy a new case monthly. That’s one way to avoid phone case boredom!

Additionally, Casely chooses a different charity each month as part of their #EveryCaseCounts program. This means that they make a donation for every case purchased and for every Instagram post featuring the hashtag. Who doesn’t love shopping for a cause?

If you’re searching for pretty phone cases, look no further than the Artist Spotlight Series. Two of our favorites include the Desert Daze Peachy Cactus Case and the Hanging Around Potted Plants Case. Plus, Casely is always looking for and partnering with new artists from around the world, ensuring frequent new designs.

Casely Desert Daze Phone Case

Photo by Casely

Casely Hanging Around Phone Case

Photo by Casely

For floral fans, Casely also has a generous collection of floral print phone cases. These colorful prints of flowers, leaves, and cacti range from adorable and simple styles to realistic and detailed.

Casely Floral Phone Case

Photo by Casely



5. Case-Mate

With equal focus on protection and style, Case-Mate engineers phone cases with powerful features and pretty designs. Some of their cases are even equipped with military grade shock absorbing layers and/or 10-foot drop protection. 

In an effort to appeal to a variety of needs and styles, Case-Mate partners with big brands and icons like Rifle Paper Co. and Paris Hilton. In fact, their collection of Rifle Paper Co. products includes seriously pretty phone cases featuring the brand’s unique illustration aesthetic.

Case-Mate Rifle Paper Co. Phone Case

Photo by Case-Mate

Looking to add a bit more sparkle in your life? Check out Case-Mate’s Twinkle collection for a mix of glimmering colors and styles. Plus, these clear cases will still show the color of your phone.

Case-Mate Twinkle Phone Case

Photo by Case-Mate

4. Casetify

Casetify recently rebranded, now offering the same high-quality pretty phone cases with new trendy designs. In their own words, these are “cases that are built to be dropped.” Their Impact collection is a perfect example: 6.6-feet drop tested, these pretty phone cases provide protection from all angles.

The tech accessories brand has collaborated with major names like Pharrell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Saint Laurent, and Thom Brown, to name a few. They’ve also partnered with retailers like Nordstrom,, Anthropologie, and more.

While Casetify offers a wide selection of spirited, energetic, and playful designs, we found some of the prettiest phone cases in their butterfly collection. Your style is sure to take flight with one of these prints. You’ll find everything from realistic butterflies to adorable retro creations to abstract watercolor designs. 

Casetify Butterfly Phone Case

Photo by Casetify

Casetify Watercolor Butterfly Photo Case

Photo by Casetify

And because we can’t get enough of nature’s beauty, we also love their floral designs. Choose from realistic and colorful bouquets, stunning painted blooms, words of inspiration surrounded by flora, and even edgy floral print phone cases (like the Forget Me Not).

Casetify Floral Phone Case

Photo by Casetify

Casetify Forget Me Not Phone Case

Photo by Casetify

3. Kate Spade

Kate Spade has risen to and maintained popularity thanks to their chic, trendy style. The designer’s launch in 1993 started with six essential handbags and has since branched into clothing, shoes, jewelry, home decor, and tech accessories. Sophisticated details and colors as well as a polished look are synonymous with the Kate Spade name.

The renowned brand offers plenty of options for those who dig pretty designer phone cases and don’t mind splurging a bit for the sake of fashion. Fashionistas can choose from floral prints, floating glitter cases, and adorable appliques.

Kate Spade Hearts Phone Case

Photo by Kate Spade

Kate Spade Owl Applique Phone Case

Photo by Kate Spade

2. Velvet Caviar

Another Brooklyn-based brand, Velvet Caviar is a well-known and popular phone case designer. Founder Michelle Aran was inspired to create beautiful yet protective cases due to her own search for exactly that. 

The phone case and accessories brand now offers stylish products that protect our most precious devices. They focus on providing unique and attractive phone cases without sacrificing quality, thanks to their high-grade TPU material, full 360 bumper, and a front raised lip to protect from daily drops and scratches.

Velvet Caviar offers a plethora of pretty phone cases to suit every style, occasion, and mood. These include metallic florals, glittering geodes, sleek marble patterns, and so much more. 

Velvet Caviar Geode Glitter Phone Case

Photo by Velvet Caviar

Velvet Caviar Metallic Floral Phone Case

Photo by Velvet Caviar

1. Kanky Cases

Kanky Cases is bringing a breath of fresh air to the phone case market. Located in New Hampshire, our owners Darleny and Tyler work hard to offer beautiful designs along with unique, functional features. As the product designer, Darleny has over 10 years of experience in fashion and design and infuses her own sense of style into each product.

Some of Kanky’s most popular features include: 

  • Built-in Ring Bling Kickstand, as seen on our 3 Stone Diamond Ring collection.
  • Oops! Resistant Thermoplastic, used in all of our cases and 4 x more resistant to scratches, cracks, drops, and bumps than our competitors.
  • Party Foul-Proof Bumpers, which provide shockproof corners and absorb the impact of falls to prevent catastrophes like a cracked screen (select models). 

If you’re looking for the prettiest phone cases, check out our Paradise Rose or Glitter Bomb models. Bonus with the Glitter Bomb cases: The glitter is actually an optional insert that you can add or remove based on your mood or the look you’re going for!

Glitter Bomb Collection


Paradise Rose Collection 



Finding the Perfectly Pretty Phone Case

You’ve got taste, but you’re also busy and always on the move. This means accidents are bound to happen when it comes to phone drops and bloopers. Whether you’re an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or other Android user, we can all agree that with the prices of phones nowadays, it’s important to protect them.

Fortunately, it is possible to keep your beloved phone safe in style. Above we’ve shared some of the prettiest and most reliable phone cases on the market. You’re sure to find one (or more) that stands out, fits your look, and keeps your phone in great condition for those oops! moments.

If you have questions about any Kanky Cases, feel free to chat with us daily between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST or send us a love note at! We will be happy to help you find the perfect phone case.



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