Do you want to sell phone cases in your business at a 500%-1,000% mark up!

If you do, then you have come to the right place. We are looking for brick and mortar dealers to offer our high fashion, designer phone cases.

We have conducted testing with our phone cases to make sure it is exactly what customers want. Our designs will catch eyes, and result in lots of buys.

When offering our phone cases in stores, we also offer marketing materials to help attract customers into your store!

Unique Features that will Make Your Customers Need to Upgrade Immediately!

Our phone cases have unique features that separate us from the rest. Made of OOps! Resistant Thermoplastic, protected with with Responsive Soft-Touch Buttons, Party Foul-Proof Protective Bumpers, Subtle to Sparkle Inserts, your customers will have plenty of reasons to upgrade their phone cases.

Ready to Get Wholesale Pricing on phone cases?

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