White Mountain Fresh Air Best Portable Air Purifier & Ionizer with HEPA Filter for Room, Office, Bedrooms, Kitchens, and Desks

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The White Mountain Fresh Air Portable Air Purifier is based in New Hampshire, home of the White Mountains. This Portable Air Purifier & Air Ionizer is equipped with a Hepa Filer, and engineered to purify the air, so that the air is as clean, as fresh, as White Mountain Air. When you breath in air purified by the White Mountain Fresh Air Portable Air Purifier, know you are breathing in the freshest air, as fresh as the air in the white mountains. Buy yours today! 

Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 5.63*5.63*16.97

Power (W): 24

Voltage (V): 12

Installation: PORTABLE

Certification: EMC, ce, RoHS

Power Source: USB 


Gaseous Pollutant CADR: 150

40 Degree swing around: Yes 

Timer: Yes

Filter: Pre-filter + HEPA + Activated Carbon

Material: ABS, Steel, Silicone Rubber

Size: 143*132*433mm

Usage: Public . Home . Office . Hospital

Noise: 28 - 45 dB

Negative Ions: 5 Million pcs/cm3