Glitter Bomb Red and Blue Women's Phone Case

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  • $29.99
- 77%

Welcome our brand-new Glitter Bomb Case!

A sparkling design you’ll be happy to showcase. It’s a party that fits right in your hand, get rid of that old case, so boring and bland!

Oops! Resistant Thermoplastic keeps your phone cool during those long calls. The glitter bomb also has Party Foul protection against all those accidental falls.

Show off its colorful design with style and finesse, all with simple buttons that are easy to press. It’s subtle to sparkle insert is hard to compare, get ready for curious looks and impressed stares.

It’s time for your case to get a colorful update. Grab Kanky’s new Glitter bomb case before it’s too late!

 Oops! Resistant Thermoplastic: Protect your phone against daily bloopers. This lightweight yet durable material is 4x more resistant to scratches, cracks, drops, and bumps than other cases. Plus, it’s still slim enough to fit in pockets and purses.

 Responsive Soft-touch Buttons: All buttons are protected in the case, yet easy to feel and press. Quickly access your lock/power and volume with a soft press of the button.

  Party Foul-Proof Bumpers: Don’t let a case of the dropsies ruin a good time. Shockproof corner bumpers provide additional protection by absorbing the impact of falls and preventing catastrophes like a cracked screen.

 Subtle-to-Sparkle Insert: Change your phone’s look to match your mood or style! Insert this glittery plastic sheet for a touch of glamour, or leave it out for a low-key look with a hint of color.